zaterdag, 31 juli 2010

Smaak van 80, playlist voor 31 juli

Onze nieuwe playlist voor zaterdag 31 juli bij radio VRW.

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Janet jackson Nasty 1986
Dire Straits Walk of life 1985
A-ha I've been losing you 1986
Maxi Priest Some guys have all the luck 1987
Police Spirits in the material world 1981
TC Matic Ugh ugh 1982
Kajagoogoo Turn you back on me 1985
Modern Talking You can win if you want 1985
Bruce Springsteen I'm on fire 1985
Simply Red The right thing 1987
Melissa Etheridge Bring me some water 1988
Matt Bianco Dancing in the street 1986
Madness House of fun 1981
Tom Tom Club Under the boardwalk 1982
Kane Gang Closes thing to heaven 1984
Taylor Dayne Prove your love 1988

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